Dlinkwnt – Make It So EP

When most fans think Hip Hop, its city’s like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide that come to mind. It isn’t often that the city of Wollongong gets a mention but as the saying goes – It’s not where you’re from its where you’re at! Hailing from Wollongong, the Jazz ensemble known as Dlinkwnt began from humble beginnings as just one man performing under the same name.


The multi-talented MC, writer and producer combined his talents to create songs that reflected who he was and what he had to say. Having faced some of the harder terms of life Dlinkwnt was able to tap in to his experiences and emotions dropping songs a listener could really feel. Being the diverse artist that he is he also had the ability to switch that up for a more upbeat vibe and could even get rowdy at times. It was this honesty and commitment to real music along with an impressive single he had playing on his local FM station at the time that caught the attention of KP Records.

In 2011 he was picked up by KP making his mark immediately with his established live set and several well received free downloads. In recent years the act Dlinkwnt has evolved from days as a solo artist to become a 9 person ensemble under the same name. The growth from 1 to 9 members has seen a vast evolution in the overall sound of Dlinkwnt developing to become something not yet heard in Australian music.

As a complete unit they have arrived with a single purpose. The Make It So EP is out now!

Track listing:
1) Master class 

2) Make It 
3) Overthrow 
4) Hindsight 
5) No Voice Left 
6) Over and out

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