Illy – Cinematic: The Collaborators (Pt. 1)

Cinematic is an apt title for an Illy album. The evolution of Illy as an artist certainly lends itself to the idea of film. It’s the tale of a smart and idealistic hip-hop storyteller who put everything on the line and, through honing his craft and sheer hard work, made it work; going from, as he himself so succinctly puts it on Yoyo, “The ground floor to the top tier”.

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Cinematic is an imposing musical statement from an Australian artist. And now, having taken charge of his own career path with his label ONETWO, it’s just the beginning of the rest of the saga for Illy. Pre-Orders have just gone up for Cinematic, with a number of awesome bundles available which include lyric books, snap backs and crews + more. You can find all the details on those here

Some people, their own label is just a way to put out their own music, but we’re already looking to work with other people and identify young talent coming up. It’s my way of paying forward all the help and support I received.” – Illy

1 Opening Night
2 One For The City (feat. Thomas Jules)
3 Youngbloods (feat. Ahren Stringer)
4 On & On
5 Coming Down (feat. Hilltop Hoods)
6 No Tomorrow
7 Tightrope
8 Talk (feat. Kira Puru)
9 Save Me (feat. Daniel Merriweather)
10 YoYo (feat. Drapht)
11 Am Yours
12 Cinematic
13 More Than Gold

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