Mistery – Way Of The Warrior

The long awaited first solo album from a pillar of the local hip hop community. Mistery is a mainstay in the local scene. Making his mark for years as a graffiti writer, B-boy and MC with prolific crew Brethren, his first solo album, Way Of The Warrior is destined to become a classic. 


At first glance this is a strictly martial arts based project but don’t be misled, Way Of The Warrior is a complete experience and like any journey it has its twists and turns. Of course there are plenty of eastern sounds and martial arts terminologies however Mistery has taken his time to put together a complete and thoughtfully intense album. 

“Martial Arts and hip hop have both been an outlet for me all my life. I felt driven to create a project that combined the two”. – Mistery

Features appearances by; Solomon Theta, Brass, JustMe (Scribbling Idiots), Darco, Nil Void, Phenomena, Lex, Vice Versa, Merc, Elevate, Oakbridge, Wizdm, DJ Samrai & DJ Nino Brown. 

This project covers a broad spectrum of content whilst maintaining a consistency and flow that makes it a must have for any HipHop lover’s collection. Production by Wizdm Tha Knowledge Hunta, Lex, BRB & Nebs. Mixed by Lex at Concrete Jungle.

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