Kold Heat – Bring It To Ya City

There’s a back-story to this release from Karsniogenics like none ever before, something of a tale even. A story that today still has those involved somewhat baffled as to how they actually arrived here. Nonetheless, it’s one worth telling since the product itself is out there for all to experience and enjoy, after all this is what the Karsniogenics crew do!


Late 2012 the Karsniogenics crew were still riding high with the mid year release of Jake Biz’s debut full length album Commercial Hell, and looking toward future shows and releases alike. Respectively, label mates & long time collaborators Jake Biz, Lazy Grey and DJCIDE hit the road taking on many headlining shows around the country throughout late 2012 and well into 2013. This time also saw the beginnings of the next instalment from the crew; from conceptual EP releases to video ideas, Kold Heat was born.

Teaming up once again with Melbourne’s well renowned filmmakers Heata and Josh Davis, the crew began thrashing out ideas on the what, how and when this could all happen. Discontent with the standard ‘run of the mill’ style rap videos, the collective decided to take things in a new direction entirely through the creation of a short film that would feature many of the tracks the Karsniogenics artists had in the pipeline for the Kold Heat album.

Shortly followed by a flurry of script writing and pre-production the wheels were set in motion and we were underway. The 750 artists put out the call to their fan base with just 6 days notice for a live show shoot in Brisbane’s Coniston Lane, then turned out the club with 300+ punters to shoot one scene for the film, among several other locations across a four day shoot. Now some 10 months on since inception, Kold Heat | Bring It To Ya City the DVD single was launched fittingly on Friday the 13th of December 2013.

BITYC sees Jake Biz, Lazy Grey & Sean B paying homage of sorts to their beloved hometown Brisbane with Overproof Pete providing the most anthemic city-loyal hook since Lyrical Commission’s revered Press Release. The DVD single also includes the instrumental and vocal acapella of BITYC alongside the bonus DVD only “Behind The Scenes” feature.

Available through Karsniogenics the VERY limited edition Kold Heat | Bring It To Ya City release on DVD, VHS cassette and iTunes. More than just a hip hop video and another rap song, this is the beginning of Kold Heat… The game done changed!

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