Sean Price x M-Phazes – Land Of The Crooks

Flush from the success of co-producing Eminem’s “Bad Guy” from the rapper’s platinum-selling The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the Australian-based producer M-Phazes has furrowed back into the New York City rap turf to team up with Sean Price for a new EP project titled Land of the Crooks


You can stream the first fruits of the venture exclusively here, as Sean Mandela drops his inimitable punchlines all over a dusky M-Phazes production that they’ve charmingly titled Dump in the Gut. The EP comes complete with artwork inspired by the vintage ’80s flick Crocodile Dundee. Adding on to Dump in the Gut, the project also includes collaborations with Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson and Loudmouf Choir (on the equally alluring “Bag of Shit”), plus a Small Professor remix and instrumental takes of the tracks to boot.

Also Available is Beats For Crooks: Consisting of over 25 drums and sound effects lifted straight from the EP, Beats For Crooks is for those looking to add Phazes’ signature knock to their existing production cache.
Beats For Crooks is available in two formats, courtesy of The Drum Sample Broker:
• Immediate digital download (EP & Drum Samples) for just $19.99
• Deluxe Edition, which comes pre-loaded on an exclusive 16GB NI Maschine Flash Drive, equipped with the full EP, and acapellas, for just $49.99.

Expanding on the creative direction of the EP’s artwork, which may bear a striking resemblance to the movie poster for the 1986 classic Crocodile Dundee. For this EP, it made sense to bring the incomparable Andres Guzman back into the fold, who designed the cover for the Highway Robbery project from Guilty Simpson and Small Professor (view here). Land of the Crooks was released as part of a double disc release with Highway Robbery, so having the graphic continuity was important.


The movie definitely appeals to the generation of fans that would appreciate a Sean Price x M-Phazes collab. That movie poster was iconic, so to see it translate with both P and Phazes represented on the cover is pretty dope, and hilarious. There is a certain sense of geographical identity, which explains why P’s holding back project tenements that you’d find in Brownseville, while Phazes is pushing aside the Sydney Opera House.

The perspective is also pretty incredible, where both the background and foreground come to a point that meet in the middle. Gorilla’s and Kangaroos to run hog wild in the street, to replace the cars and cabs from the original poster, which adds to the lawlessness that you’d suspect when you’d combine both artists.

Dump In The Gut Tracklist:
01. Bag of Shit (feat. Loudmouf Choir)
02. Dump In The Gut
03. Land of the Crooks (feat. Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino & DJ Babu)
04. Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Roc Marciano)
05. Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Guilty Simpson) [Small Professor Remix]
06. Bag of Shit (Instrumental)
07. Dump In The Gut (Instrumental)
08. Land of the Crooks (Instrumental)
09. Murdah Type Thinkin (Instrumental)
10. Murdah Type Thinkin (Small Professor Remix) Instrumental
11. Crookapella (Beat Kit/Scratch Stems)

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