Surecut Kids – SuperTurnt Mixtape

Surecut Kids are a two-man music production / remix / DJ group / radio hosting / party machine. Consisting of two childhood friends Paces and Benjo, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of how much time two people can spend together as they play clubs and festivals around the country and internationally.


Performing with four or two turntables, MPC’s, and their beloved confetti cannon; their sets contain bass driven party music like Trap, Moombahton, Hip Hop, Drum and bass and everything in between. They have just released a brand new mixtape titled SuperTurnt, you can pick it up for free download by following the links below. TURNT UP!

Track listing:
1. Reign Dance – Chiefs
2. Shake Yo Hands (Surecut Kids Remix) – Danny T & Matt Sofo
3. Female$ Welcomed – Trinidad James
4. Tangle – Surecut Kids
5. Lemme Werk Dat – Surecut Kids
6. Dancehall Queen – Sampology & DJ Butcher
7. New Slaves (DJ Snake Remix) – Kanye
8. Toke Dat feat. Kitch – Surecut Kids
9. Drop The Game (Surecut Kids Bootleg) – Flume & Chet Faker
10. Give Me More – Grandtheft

Full track listing can be found here.

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