Eloquor – Fire In The Belly

Inspiration is one of those things you can’t turn on and off it just comes to you when you least expect it…right? Well almost, you need that something else in you, that eternal fire in your belly waiting on that unexpected and inspirational spark to ignite it and when it’s lit you better run with it! For Eloquor – Fire in the Belly is exactly that, a sudden spark that ignited a concept.


Jase Beathedz was working on a beat and the moment Eloquor heard it he knew he had to have it. Like a wildfire Eloquor moved fast. He penned the lyrics and went straight back to the studio to record his vocals. He challenged himself by recording and arranging the track without anyone’s assistance. The heat was intense and Eloquor took the flame from behind the mic to behind the camera where he filmed and edited his own video clip.

He called upon DJ Kodiak Kid to lay some cuts, his students to beef up the hook and Jase returned for a final mixdown. The self reflective track swings its support behind the hard working DIY ethic powering independent artists and musicians to do their thing, hustling to keep on their feet and succeed in their creative field.

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