Julzo – The Lo Down Vl.1

Australian Grime Boss Don ‘Juzlo, late last year released a brand new mixtape titled The Lo Down Vl.1. Julzo, well known as a wizard for his productions; scoring releases on BigDada, Marxmen Dubs and Ghost House Records.


Juzlo has cemented his name in the grime game, and the evidence is clear. The Lo Down Vl.1 Brings together a combination of raps, colabs, a remix and a few instrumentals. You can pick up The Lo Down Vol. 1 as a name your price download here.

Track Listing:
1. Mind how you talk to the Don
2. Numero Uno
3. Sufferer (Feat. Kye & RayJah45) [Produced. Juzlo]
4. Bawsey (Feat. Brinks) 04:24
5. RinseFm Clip – Juzlo Breathe Remix x P Money
6. Biddi On Left 03:41
7. In’famous Freestyle (Feat. Brinks & Rapaport)
8. Control Tower (Feat. Kye)
9. Keep it on the Lo’
10. OzSpartan – Brinks, Sarm, Nebs, Kerser, Swarmy, Juzlo, Fraksha, Diem
11. Wot u lookin at – Brinks, Nebs, Sarm, Swarmy, Juzlo, Kerser, Fraksha, Diem
12. Da Cheezy Whatsits [Instrumental]
13. Hella Blessed [Instrumental]

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