GTNBZY The Mixtape Project

Adelaide’s cross-platform collective GTNBZY is showcasing the city’s emerging hip-hop and visual artists. Over the past six months the group, comprised of over thirty members across both music and art, has been developing The Mixtape Project – a diverse compilation of ‘new-wave’ hip-hop from the group’s musically inclined paired with a collection of artworks inspired by each track developed by the group’s visual artists.

gtnbzy the mixtape project

The Mixtape Project has served as the first official label release of GTNBZY following a number of events held by the group around Adelaide in the past few years. To celebrate the milestone, the group held a launch party in late Feb at the Light Hotel.

The launch featured all musicians from the release (notably Til the Break, Koolta, and more) performing live on the night, as well as all of the artworks created for the project on display amongst the festivities. Alex Gilchrist and Fletch Cuts, two of the GTNBZY visual artists, painted live on the balcony offering insight into the artistic process and further expanding on the celebration of creativity. This project represents a milestone not only in GTNBZY’s lifetime but also in the wider Adelaide arts scene, demonstrating that South Australia has a thriving and evolving arts scene.

The full collective of GTNBZY visual artists include:
Dan Adams, Donovan Christie, Pip Cocciolone, Dabman, Fletch, Fredsticks, Alex Gilchrist, JPEG, Kaleidoscope Streetwear, Kevin Rumbelow, Aaron Schirmer, Stitchfase, Nick Strutton, Tiff Rysdale  and Jelena Vujnovic. Spread across solo performers, producers, DJs and bands, musical artists include: Koolta, Til the Break, Elapsed Time, Headphone Piracy, Escapism, DAB, Krave Kemistry & White Rhino.

More information about each of the artists can be found here.