Koolta donates RPM sales from 1/5/15 to 8/5/15 to Nepal

Nick Strutton (GTNBZY) has recently crafted a dope new film clip for the track “A Couple Of Words” lifted from emcee Koolta’s brand new album, RPM. Taking inspiration from George Orwell’s 1984, the concept of the destruction of language, and the mainstream media’s role in our way of thinking, the clip highlights the importance of words. Koolta sums up the ideals of the song best in the last four bars of the second verse: Newspeak got our vocabulary shrinking Dumbing down so much our imagination’s sinking They want brainless worker’s decapitated drinking If we don’t have the words we don’t … Continue reading Koolta donates RPM sales from 1/5/15 to 8/5/15 to Nepal

GTNBZY The Mixtape Project

Adelaide’s cross-platform collective GTNBZY is showcasing the city’s emerging hip-hop and visual artists. Over the past six months the group, comprised of over thirty members across both music and art, has been developing The Mixtape Project – a diverse compilation of ‘new-wave’ hip-hop from the group’s musically inclined paired with a collection of artworks inspired by each track developed by the group’s visual artists. The Mixtape Project has served as the first official label release of GTNBZY following a number of events held by the group around Adelaide in the past few years. To celebrate the milestone, the group held a launch party … Continue reading GTNBZY The Mixtape Project