Grab It Competition

If you have an iPad and you like games, you may want to check out Grab It, the new publication from journalist and local hip hop fanatic Chris Stead.


Best known to local gamers for his work as editor of Game Informer, over 17-years Stead has covered four generations of consoles from as far back as magazines like N64 Gamer, through outlets like GamePro, Official PlayStation, Official Xbox, IGN, Gamespot and more. Recently, after four years on Game Informer, he quit the role to go indie and create something innovative and new for the rising mobile gaming scene.

Called Grab It, his latest publication comes in the form of an iPad app. Stead is looking to innovate on what a magazine can be like on the touchscreen interface and has built something that’s organic to the format. Rich, full video backgrounds, soundtracks embedded into articles and links straight to the App Store help bring the content to life. As for that content, it is focused on the unique, quirky and super fun games indie developers are creating for the iPad. This is the stuff that doesn’t turn up in the charts next to Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, but are the hardcore gaming experiences being released regularly behind the scenes that you never hear about.

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I’m a huge fan of the indie scene and it’s a damn shame that just because these smaller development studios don’t have any cash to throw around on advertisements, they don’t get featured in most major media outlets,” says Stead. “With Grab It, hopefully I can give the indie game scene the dedicated AAA coverage it deserves, help gamers discover some awesome new titles and also build a fresh take on touchscreen magazines that actually feels like playing a game as it delivers information. As someone who loves his Call of Duty, FIFA and Mass Effect style blockbusters, I’m surprised on a daily basis by the sheer quality and creativity of games landing in the App Store.

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To date, Stead has released four episodes of Grab It. The first being a free trial issue so that anyone with an iPad can check out what the magazine offers without spending a cent. It features a game called République on the cover, which is a fully 3D console-like stealth game that should appeal to fans of BioShock and Splinter Cell – it’s made by Ryan Payton, the ex-creative director of Halo 4 and publisher of the Metal Gear Solid series. That joins hours more of content to enjoy.

Here’s the full episode list:
Episode 1 – Featuring République
Episode 2 = Featuring Oceanhorn
Episode 3 – Featuring Monument Valley
Episode 4 – Featuring Last Inua

Stead has given us 10 codes to giveaway for his latest episode. To enter all you have to do is connect with Grab It through Twitter or Facebook and drop a comment that you’re down with winning a copy of the latest episode. The comp will be drawn on May 16.


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