Kilvington responsible for three deaths

Three people have died of verbal asphyxiation following the release of Kilvington’s first single, Honey in My Hive. With a misleadingly upbeat title, Honey in My Hive follows one individual’s experience of war. The song describes epic battles while also exploring themes of mateship, morality and loss.

bee rap

As with most wars, the one described by Kilvington is fought over precious resources. Of course, the war on which the song focuses is one involving bees, ants and birds, so naturally the resource they’re waging war over is honey. The accompanying music video follows the life of a war vet as he searches for honey, befriends a dog and recounts stories from world war bee.

Kilvington, the wordsmith behind the war song of our generation, was born into a middle class white family in the suburbs in 1987. Faced with many of the problems which plague his generation, like a loving family, food, shelter and education, Kilvington has worked hard to make sure he can always stand on his own two feet, or failing that, one of his and one of Centrelink’s.

Kilvington has successfully funded his debut album through Panda Crowd, a recently launched Australian crowdfunding site specifically for the music industry. With his debut EP now in production, Kilvington is soon to become a common name in the local hip hop scene.

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