Chasm Night Vision

After working together on Chasm’s last album This Is How We Never Die, the two developed a strong collaborative bond. Last year Blak Twang flew out to Australia to hook up with Chasm again. The result was the Night Vision EP, fresh and full of scope.

Night Vision

The feel of the EP travels from laid-back and sunny, to moody and dark. Imagery is vividly brought to life by Blak Twang’s expert wordplay.

In lead single The Summer, Chasm favours warm strings and laid back beats. Blak Twang along with Aussie emcees Ozi Batla (The Herd/Astronomy Class) and Hau (Koolism/triple j hip hop show) share their Summer highlights.

As a producer, Chasm has become synonymous with the local hip hop scene. Never failing to deliver innovative, quality music; Night Vision is no exception to the rule.

I came up listening and being inspired by Blak Twangs music. ‘So Rotton’ was an anthem for a lot of people I was around back then. So it was an honour and kind of unbelievable for me to work with the God himself. Just having him in the studio was a privilege.” – Chasm

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