Latest Video From Coda Conduct: Hip Hop Duo Put Their Spin on Environmental Debate

Hip hop duo Coda Conduct, consisting of members Erica and Sally, launched their new track Matter More early this week. Accompanied by a bittersweet film clip, the song explores the destruction of Australia’s natural environment in the face of industrial growth.


Coda Conduct first stepped on stage just over eighteen months ago, and have since launched themselves passionately into the hip hop scene, with their energy and playfulness on stage winning them a rapidly growing, wildly diverse fan base. Despite living almost 300km apart – one half in their hometown of Canberra, the other in inner city Sydney – they continue to play an eclectic range of gigs.

In the last nine months these have included providing live runway music Canberra’s annual fashion show, supporting Dialectrix, opening for battles with Rates and Manaz Ill, playing at Sydney Town Hall on the kick-off of Mardi Gras, hosting art battles, rocking house parties, and being invited to perform before the Brumbies match in GIO stadium.

Matter More is a distinct change from their previous, cheeky video Watch This Space, which saw the pair rolling around Canberra on a bright red couch on wheels. However, their new video is gaining a widespread audience for the heartfelt nature of its message. It was inspired by two recent and controversial events – the proposed increase of mining in the Tarkine forest, and planned coal port development alongside the Great Barrier Reef.

Over a beat produced by Sally, the two rappers wrote and recorded the song to raise concern for these issues. However, they were careful to keep their message engaging and relatable:
“I guess we really wanted to make people feel something, and care about these things in some way, but it’s pretty hard to do that without sounding preachy.” says Erica. “So we used our own experiences of growing up to try and tell a story everyone could connect with.”

The clip blends family home footage with shots of the pair rapping, complemented by the beautiful scenery of Royal National Park, NSW. “Maybe it’s a sign of our style maturing” says Sally, “but don’t stress, we’re not growing up just yet.”

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