“Sings The Blues is the debut EP from Melbourne artist SFKNG

SFKNG (pron. Sofa-King), is a new-wave R&B/Hip-Hop project and moniker of Padraic Martinkus. With a firm grounding of Hip-Hop production, SFKNG blends elements of rap, soul and R&B to create intimately melodic songs.


Coming off the back of a notable appearance on Peezo’s “Old School Futuristic”, with the song Shoot Me Down, SFKNG looks to bridge the gap between Hip-Hop and R&B. Sings The Blues is a romantic view of life as a young man in the city; drugs, romance, parties, suicide, and all of the challenges in-between.

With Sings The Blues, SFKNG aims to further Melbourne’s reputation as a thriving Hip-Hop community, challenging the norm in a genre that gives so much freedom.

Keep your eye out for SFKNG, with the MF Soul beat-tape series and new projects on the way.

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