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Ignoring the mainstream apps…

The myriad of hip hop acts across our shores has always been a compelling part of our musical landscape as a country. We’ve brought the likes of Adelaide’s finest Hilltop Hoods, Elefant Traks’ Bliss n Eso and many more to the forefront of music scene to inspire a new generation of Australian hip hop hopefuls. And with this quite refulgent canvas of talented artists, many fans have started to widen their focus and listen to the best of rap and hip hop from across the world. And what better way to this than via your smartphone. The advent of apps has meant that whatever interests you have, the accessibility to access portals to your personal passions has become easier.


The market for apps has grown ridiculously over the last four years. Many household brands have their own apps to heighten brand recognition and this doesn’t exclude record labels, radio stations and even hip hop artists. The need to get their product name recognized by a wider audience is something that is very much prevalent in today’s society.

And with the market growing so quickly, hip hop fans should be scouring the Internet for the best apps to explore new scenes and uncover more exciting new artists along the way. And the statistics concerning apps confirm that the app market is only going to get stronger and more appealing to the consumer. Gaming Realms a specialist in online gaming via online casino portal Bubble Bonus Bingo recently reported that “the mobile industry is one of the most powerful trends in the Internet landscape and the tablet installed base is expected to exceed the PC installed base in 2014.” Meaning that apps will be valuable commodities to not only companies but also the improvement in accessibility will mean hip hop fans should expect a better gateway to all the best artists.

So without further ado, here are some of the best hip hop apps we have found where you can listen to Australian hip hop and tunes from across the pond.

WEFUNK Radio Stream
DJ Static and Professor Groove provide listeners with a steady influx of underground hip-hop and funk via their weekly show.

This radio station prides itself on quality of quantity. It plays the freshest acts and promotes the most talented artists around. Oh, and it avoids “mindless mainstream music” at all costs.

RnB HipHop 
Another free app, this amazing app links you to all the Australian radio stations that cater for hip hop enthusiasts. Anything from rap, hip hop, RnB to old school funk, this station is a must-have app for all hip hop fans.

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