New Music Video: Kimbra – 90s Music (M-Phazes Remix)

Having already received mammoth praise with over 80,000 Soundcloud plays, M-Phazes’ recent remix of Kimbra’s90s Music’ is loaded with hyped synths and fluro anime vibes. The icing on this neon infused cake has just been added, with a visual overload of 90s pop culture masterpieces all mashed into one 3:45 video!


Starter caps, Hyper Color T-Shirts, Michael Jordan, OJ Simpson, Power Rangers, Seinfeld, Urkel, TMNTurtles, Saved By The Bell, Chris Farley, Macaulay Culkin and a slew of other 90s icons make a guest appearance, setting your memory into hyper drive!

Did we really dance like that? Did we really wear our hair that way?
– Yes. Yes we did.

Although it may conjure up some cringe worthy memories, this ‘90s Music‘ mashup video clip from M-Phazes is a reminder of how awesomely entertaining the 1990s were.

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