Bulletproof Crates Recordings Present: DJ Sheep’s Winter Bluntz

It’s the end of the Winter Bluntz Trilogy, Hoth style, takin’ out AT-AT’s. The victory lap on a Taun Taun, passin’ you sucker ducks on land speeders… DJ Sheep has just finished doing this mix, and describes the feel as entering the DMC for two hours straight, his brain is spent and he is ready for that blunt.


Here is what DJ Sheep had to say about the Winter Bluntz Trilogy: “My mind is erratically spontaneous and crazy right now; I dug super deep for the final mix of Winter; maybe even Bulletproof status. Hope you enjoy it. Here’s what I remember playing; Drum breaks off live 1970’s concert cassettes, kids TV show stuff, libraries, a lot of Australian, Japanese, African, Czech, Polish, Thai, Chinese, Russian, Greek, French, WORLD stuff, a touch of latin, some stems, edits, a few rare acapellas, a live Crooklyn Dodgers j-pop blend, jazz, hip-hop jawns, soundtracks, b-boy breaks, a beat from the Bulletproof homie Matty Fresh, some 45s, private press stuff, some 90’s wall of fame classics, soul, disco, reggae, console music, blaxploitation radio advertisements, drum breaks of all-sorts, and it goes on and on…”

If you wish to contribute, support or show appreciation for the Winter Bluntz, head over to the BLUNT DELIVERY SERVICE here. There’s a few options and if you throw some $ to the cause, Sheep would be extremely grateful. Apparently bill collectors don’t accept vinyl as payment (crackers). You can check out all of those options  on that here. Respect to the break mix originators: Phil “Soulman” Stroman, Silverchild & MSA, Jake One, DJ Muro, Kon & Amir, DJ Shame, Paul Nice, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.