Novel presents The Renegades Of Rhythm Tour

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist set to bring their vinyl-only tour honouring Afrika Bambaataa’s influence on hip hop to Australia! Australian music fans are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience when turntablists supreme, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, celebrate the legacy of hip-hop vanguard and Universal Zulu Nation founder, Afrika Bambaataa, with the Renegades of Rhythm tour. This vinyl-only tour will see the two maestros utilize 6 decks and real-time effects to honour Bambaataa’s influence on hip-hop’s beginnings through handpicked selections, all taken from his original and highly influential record collection. “This has never been done before, definitely not on this … Continue reading Novel presents The Renegades Of Rhythm Tour

Bulletproof Crates Recordings Present: DJ Sheep’s Winter Bluntz

It’s the end of the Winter Bluntz Trilogy, Hoth style, takin’ out AT-AT’s. The victory lap on a Taun Taun, passin’ you sucker ducks on land speeders… DJ Sheep has just finished doing this mix, and describes the feel as entering the DMC for two hours straight, his brain is spent and he is ready for that blunt. Here is what DJ Sheep had to say about the Winter Bluntz Trilogy: “My mind is erratically spontaneous and crazy right now; I dug super deep for the final mix of Winter; maybe even Bulletproof status. Hope you enjoy it. Here’s what … Continue reading Bulletproof Crates Recordings Present: DJ Sheep’s Winter Bluntz

Stalkz – Ars Poetica

Stalkz returns to the hip hop scene with his 2013 release Ars Poetica. An 8 track mixtape featuring production from electronic giants such as Bonobo, Pretty Lights, Synkro, Mux Mool and Kelpe. The lyrics to the songs all are true stories about situations experienced by Stalkz and close friends of his, and all the tracks are presented in a uniquely poetic format. This isn’t your average mixtape, from your first listen you’ll notice the care and length gone to, to create original and interesting music. Its honest and relentless. Additional vocals are added by Gold Coast singer/songwriters Ella Fence, Karl … Continue reading Stalkz – Ars Poetica