Sonu Tolani Jiwa Merdeka

The Indonesian hip hop sensation is set to hit Melbourne in full force with his LP album launch Jiwa Merdeka. The long awaited LP from the renowned Indonesian born artist, has the hip hop community in a flutter to see what this producer come rapper has got in store for his fans.


Known for his beats throughout Indonesia and Australia, Sonu Tolani is sure to impress with his soul driven LP. He combines traditional Indonesian sounds with a mixture of soul, fat beats and groove to take you on a cultural journey through his tales as a boy growing up in the hustle of Jakarta to a grown man dealing with life’s challenges and joys.

Working with some well-known Indonesian artists, such as Nengah Krisnarini, who made her name heading up the popular soul outfit, Sister Duke and Ras Muhamad who brings his reggae flavour to the album. This LP has a splash of sound for everyone. Sonu Tolani is an Indonesian, finding his home in Melbourne in the mid 90’s. His diverse life experiences have allowed him to produce an album that takes you on a ride through his journey.

It’s uplifting, fun and invites us to celebrate the simple things. You can expect to hear hip hop in a way you never have before as he moulds traditional gendang percussion and female artists that have that distinct Indo style with thoughtful beats that will challenge you to stand still! The track Hati-Hati, in particular, will be sure to impress. It’s the first time Sonu Tolani has rapped in his mother tongue and the mixture of Indonesian and English tracks makes this album one of the most diverse hip hop albums of 2014.

As excitement here in Melbourne builds for the LP launch on Saturday 16th August, it also does in Indonesia. His publishers Atas Nama are already hyping the scene for a tour at the end of the year throughout Indonesia. As his presence online and on Amrap heightens, you will be sure to have your ears filled with the sounds of Sonu Tolani in no time.

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