New Era Launches New Cap Collection Paying Homage to Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles

New Era presents a new three-city collection of 9FIFTY snap-backs. Paying homage to Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, each name appears in a signature-style stitching in white on top of a black base.


Each design comes in both a black bill version with green underside and floral bill options and is finished with the trademark New Era logo on the back. Look for the collection now at select dealers in the Asia Pacific region.

New-Era-Launches-New-Cap-Collection-Paying-Homage-to-Brooklyn-New-York-and-Los-Angeles-2 New-Era-Launches-New-Cap-Collection-Paying-Homage-to-Brooklyn-New-York-and-Los-Angeles-3 New-Era-Launches-New-Cap-Collection-Paying-Homage-to-Brooklyn-New-York-and-Los-Angeles-4 New-Era-Launches-New-Cap-Collection-Paying-Homage-to-Brooklyn-New-York-and-Los-Angeles-5