Royalz Man Vs Maschine Vol 3

Whether you think hip hop is evolving or falling apart is purely up to individual perception. In the eyes of Melbourne label Grhyme Productions, it isn’t necessary to dig up the soil and rip apart the foundations of the artform that many pioneers toiled over in order to produce something ‘new’.


Improving on something organic doesn’t always require synthesising it. They also say good things come in threes, which is often true when you think about epic movie trilogies and sporting three-peats. However, among those triumphs there are always those third instalments that fall flat, and the dynasties that don’t quite get there.

Melbourne beat baron Royalz is determined not to fall into the latter category with the third chapter of his Man Vs. Maschine remix albums. Calling on a wide array of styles from his playbook, Royalz directs a star-studded roster of Australia’s best talent, jumping off with up and comer Sinks, with veterans Bigfoot and Ciecmate in control from the home stretch.

Whether you know these tracks like the back of your hand, or you’re just hearing them for the first time, the album puts a new spin on the scene well worth taking in.