Afends ‘The Barbara Kruger’ 1/100 Tee

Our latest instalment in the 1/100 LTD Edition Program pays homage to an artist who’s work has been hugely influential to designers all over the globe whom ironically (ourselves included) in an industry that perpetuates the very themes raised in her work.


With the greatest of respect intended, we’ve named this months LTD after her and in tribute to her work encourage you to tap her name into your shiny internet boxes and school yourselves on the work of the legendary Barbara Kruger.

Inspired by current events “Quit Ruining Everything” is our message to those in power. Non-violence and peaceful protest is the only way. Wear yours with pride! Strictly limited to 100 x units ever to be made. It’s yours for just $59.95 RRP.

Pre-Order Here.