Stream: Profecy The Release EP

Profecy’s brand new EP, The Release, proves to be an exciting sophomore effort from the Brisbane based rapper. While this EP contains pleasant reminders of Profecy’s 2010 EP, Let the Music Play, mainly in its smooth instrumentation and clever wordplay, we hear a more focused and lyrically driven force from Profecy on The Release.


The opening song off this record, ‘Too Many’, draws in the listener with a twinkly swell of stringed instrumentation and quickly raises the stakes with a smooth, yet ferocious opening verse. The word that comes to mind in the first half-minute of this track is FLOW. Profecy’s laid-back drawl manages to come across as purposeful and intense as he assures the listener, “I ride the beat so fluently.” We hear a catchy hook in this opening song, but the real magic here lies in Profecy’s work in each verse. ‘Too Many’ condemns the over saturation of artists in rap music today, but Profecy’s intensity on this track certainly sets him apart.

The fifth selection on this extended play, ‘Find Your Way’, marks a thematic departure from some of the content we encounter earlier in the album. While the song opens with a catchy vocal hook, Profecy soon plunges his listeners into a world of nightmares. The rapper tells of a mysterious man and woman who intervene in times of hardship and encourage him to live his life without fear in order to achieve his dreams. Profecy’s lyrics in this song juxtapose darkness and light, and some might be inclined to draw religious messages from ‘Find Your Way’. Whatever the listener’s takeaway from this tune, Profecy succeeds in bringing us on a contemplative journey through his troubled yet hopeful subconscious.

Fans of lyrical and thought-provoking hip-hop will truly enjoy ‘The Release’. The chilled instrumentals and gripping lyrics on this EP add a promising milestone to Profecy’s blossoming career. Listeners will long for more after this refreshing fifteen-minute morsel of an EP.

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