Jimblah Sing With You feat. Zaachariaha Fielding Official Video

Jimblah has just launched his brand new single Sing With You, taken from his album Phoenix. The new clip was shot on location at Mont Park Asylum, La Trobe University, Bundoora, VIC, Australia.


Here’s what Jimblah had to say about the brand new single and video for Sing With you feat. Zaachariaha Fielding.

“If it wasn’t for the amazing and courageous Women in my life, I wouldn’t be the Man I am today. There is no way I could ever repay you, but I can sure start with something as small as a Thank you, and continue workin my way up from there.
Dedicated to our Mums, our Sisters, Cousins, Aunties, Grandmas, Wifeys, Ladies, Girls, Queens!! Not only for everything they give to us as Men, not only for their love, guidance, compassion, understanding, wisdom and strength, but for everything they are.

A huge thanks to all the fam who came through and helped out on this clip, I’m forever grateful. Massive shoutout to Zaachariah Fielding who blessed the track something super special, whom you may also know from ZK.
Massive shout out to KessBD productions for the production of the clip. Lots of love to FasterLouder for premiering the clip as well. Lastly, the most gigantic props to both Waniki & Senai, whom helped us out with backup vocals.
Respect, Power, Love”. – Jimblah

Directed by Kess Broekman-Dattner (http://kessbd.com/)
Produced by Nicholas Cox
Director of Photography: Julian Lucas (http://julianlucas.tv/)
Edit and Colour by Nice Bike (http://www.nicebike.com.au/)

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