Keep Reinventing

From intestines to chitlins, from old dusty records to Hiphop, necessity has always been the mother of invention. Nobody knows this better than hip hop stalwarts Apollo Brown & Ras Kass.


As Ras Kass’ legacy has been written into the annals of hip hop, he’s watched plenty of his compatriots stumble – something that reminds him of Momma reading Proverbs 16: Pride Comes Before A Fall. With that spirit Ras Kass & Apollo Brown take up the tools of their craft to reflect and recreate some Humble Pi.

Directed by Jay Brown, the new video is the first from Apollo Brown & Ras Kass’ eagerly anticipated upcoming album Blasphemy.

October 28th, Pick up what Apollo Brown & Ras Kass are putting down.

Apollo Brown  ||  Ras Kass  ||  Mello Music Group