Grand Lodge 3 Looking Into My Mind

Produced by Dazastah. Lyrics by Mortar & Ciecmate

Late last week, a brand new track leaked from Ciecmate and Mortar‘s upcoming release, which is titled Nothing To See Here. The LP will be dropping through BTE later in the year. The new banger, Looking Into My Mind is produced by longtime SBX member Dazastah


Read below what the guys have to say about the new track, and also take sometime to familiarise yourself with the bill that is linked below. Look at it this way, if you’re in prison, you’re safer but you also have a lot less freedom. Would you volunteer to go to jail just to be safe? 

Instead of reading the lyrics… You should take the time to read this bill the government is trying to pass.. It effectively takes away your internet freedoms & gives Intelligence officers the power to “access” your computers, files, audio, video, etc… They have the power to kill & they even have the power to torture people. All while being “Immune” from prosecution… Under the guise of protecting us all. Please read this as it does effect you. PDF file linked here“. – Ciecmate

Taken from the eminent album Nothing To See Here due 22.11.14

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