Ovahand [Maim] MaimsAmp EP

An artist who takes pride in being creative from the bedroom studio, Ovahand [Maim] admittedly claims he ain’t here for any kind of fame or popularity.


Bumping his shit from the depths of the underground and coming from the stables of Sub Conscious Records, the collab group Dark Matter and Brainmaze Productions, OV clearly isn’t here to give you some generic bullshit.

Ovahand [Maim] is a Sydney based hip hop producer & MC bringing out sample based boom bap style of beats. He has previously released two EP’s and two LP’s with the most recent of them being named the aptly titled Boom Bap Fam. Ovahand now presents his latest work in the form of the MaimsAmp EP.

Featuring SirRated and Adrian Incarnate, with production handled completely by Ovahand [Miam] himself, MaimsAmp EP is a tight selection of underground rap goodness. You can pick it up as a free download hereOvahand’s MaimsAMP EP was released just over a month ago. Find out more by following the links below.

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