Bush Kush Mixing Up The Aussie Hip Hop Scene

Not many people know there is a Hip Hop scene in the Northern Territory, but there is and their doing things bigger & better than ever.

bush kush

The Bush Kush Records Vol.1 mix-tape dropped on the 20th, featuring rappers from all over the NT. Including NT Hip Hop heavy weights such as SkankMC, Kaotik, Dan the Underdog & TASK. As well as some up and comers including Sully, Lil’ Neddy & Arli.

The compilation album, that’s distributed by Bush Kush Entertainment, is produced by Northern Territory’s super producer Dan ‘The Underdog’ McAleer. Dan the Underdog has produced multiple tracks that have been nominated for NT Song of the Year including SkankMC’s Northern Terristory which recieved the 2013 NT Song of the Year award for the Urban category.

Bush Kush Records Vol. 1 is now available for streaming and download through Bandcamp & SoundCloud, it will also be available on iTunes this week. For more information check out the FaceBook here.