Bush Kush Mixing Up The Aussie Hip Hop Scene

Not many people know there is a Hip Hop scene in the Northern Territory, but there is and their doing things bigger & better than ever. The Bush Kush Records Vol.1 mix-tape dropped on the 20th, featuring rappers from all over the NT. Including NT Hip Hop heavy weights such as SkankMC, Kaotik, Dan the Underdog & TASK. As well as some up and comers including Sully, Lil’ Neddy & Arli. The compilation album, that’s distributed by Bush Kush Entertainment, is produced by Northern Territory’s super producer Dan ‘The Underdog’ McAleer. Dan the Underdog has produced multiple tracks that have … Continue reading Bush Kush Mixing Up The Aussie Hip Hop Scene

Eskatology – Martyr Musik Vol. 1

Eskatology is an indigenous Artist from Adelaide South Australia, Eskatology has been making some noise with his recent release Martyr Musik a 10 track free promotional Album available for free download below. Eskatology first found Hip-hop at the age of 9 whilst listening to a cousins mixtape of old N.W.A. tracks. At the age of 12 Jonathan Stier wrote his first rap which was a dedication to his Grandma that passed away. At the age of 14 he started recorded at a friend’s place to old beats that he found on a 10 dollar microphone, he would later do a … Continue reading Eskatology – Martyr Musik Vol. 1