Ben Iota – Jazz (Prod. Dan The Underdog)

‘Jazz’, the album… what is it? It is Hip Hop music, with Jazz in the DNA. Made locally, while keeping a wide-view lens. Beats for the lounge, words for noggin. Relevant to the now.

Ben Iota: Words. Member of Adroit Effusive, contributor of the Butterthief collective, formerly of Common Cause. Dan the Underdog: Beats. Member of Northern Versifiers Firm (NVF), formerly of Catch the Fly.

Ben Iota and Dan the Underdog have created an album inspired by precarious times.

Think music made to say something that means something, but also for the joy of creating. It comes out of a love for the craft and for connecting with community. ’Jazz’ is our musical contribution to culture. The collection of songs on ‘Jazz’ cover much ground, from the political, to the personal, to feats of verbal gymnastics, and then some.

The beats are a nod to the golden era of Jazz Hip Hop, with a generous peppering of synth and vocal grabs all throughout. Sonic warmth ties it all together.

Listen in, let it digest, get moving to it, toast. ‘Jazz’, the album by Ben Iota & Dan the Underdog, out independently on CD and free download digital. Focus tracks: ‘Do Dat’, ’By the Fear’, ‘Peace of Mind’, ‘Beautiful Thing’, ‘On to the Next’. >Catch Ben Iota and Dan the Underdog on Bandcamp, Google Drive, Mega, Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, Spotify, and many more.