L-Fresh The Lion To Premiere A New Single/Video In New York City At The Tribecca TV Festival!

This Friday, September 22nd there will be a lion prowling the streets of New York City, the home of hip hop! As part of the YouTube Creators For Change Initiative, L-FRESH The LION will be premiering his new single and video clip at the inaugural Tribecca TV Festival.

Adding to a year of highlights including performances at the AFL, NRL Finals, TEDx Sydney, Rag’N’Bone Man support and Groovin’ The Moo, L-FRESH will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Trevor Noah, Amy Sedaris, Oprah Winfrey and Louis C.K on the red carpet.

The new single ‘RACI$T / OUR WORLD’ touches on issues of xenophobia, hate speech and extremeism. The song is in two parts – The first (RACI$T) explores the roots of racial division by looking at racism at a systemic level. The second (OUR WORLD) is a reflection of L-FRESH’s family’s migration story to South West Sydney and his place in the world as he sees it.

As Australia’s only fellow for the Creators For Change program, L-FRESH says, “I don’t take this opportunity for granted. YouTube is a huge platform, and I wanted to create something powerful.”

“We don’t talk about racism at a systemic level enough. The video highlights the need for us to move into that space so we can address the root causes. I also show the beauty of my every day reality in the people and places of South West Sydney. This is our world”

Whilst New Yorkers will be the first to experience the amazing track and video, Australia will get to check it out on L-FRESH’s YouTube Channel on Saturday morning (September 23).

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‘OUR WORLD’ will be officially released on all digital platforms on September 27th through Elefant Traks / Inertia