Thudamentals ‘Welcome To Australia’ Official Ambassadors

Thundamentals are extremely proud to announce that they are officially appointed Welcome To Australia ambassadors. This comes as a significant marker in the overarching message of inclusiveness and story-telling that the band has solidified with last year’s wildly successful LP So We Can Remember.


To celebrate their Welcome To Australia appointment, Thundamentals designed a special edition ‘Got Love’ band shirt, with 100% of proceeds going to The Asylum Seeker Centre. It’s hoped the sales might, in some way, contribute to the Not For Profit’s mission “to provide a welcoming environment and practical support for community-based asylum seekers, while building community support and pursuing social justice outcomes for them”.

As MC Jeswon explains in an official statement to Welcome To Australia, it’s a big nod to the “ideals that myself and my friends are representing in our music: diversity, compassion and a commitment to cultivating meaningful relationships within the community. One Love.”

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