Lane-Harry’s Top 10 Netflix Picks

Fresh from touring with 360 and supporting Tech N9ne, Gold Coast Hip-Hop duo Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell have released their highly anticipated album ‘Renaissance’ via Human Records. In support of their new single ‘Hentai’ and to celebrate the announcement of a new track ‘Netflix’ to be released as a free download on May 22nd Lane x Ike have announced two upcoming shows in Brisbane.


Following on from the success of their 2013 EP ‘Love and Terror Cult’ which peaked at 16 on the Australian iTunes chart the duo are proud to present the diverse 16-track album ‘Renaissance’, stating in an interview that this record is by far their “most creative and artistic work yet.” Renaissance was officially launched at Bleach* Festival in March and features collaborations with up and coming Gold Coast artists, Eliza Pickard, Aquila Young, Scott Dalton, Tommy Sheehan and Lily Budiasa.

An act not afraid to be in the spotlight Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell have gained interest nationwide through their controversial feud with Melbourne rapper Allday. On a mix tape released earlier in 2014 front man Lane Harry accused Allday of sounding ‘exactly like Drake’ and criticised Illy for delaying the progression of hip hop in Australia. Lane Harry x Ike Campbell have also made some valuable friends within the industry gaining public praise and support from the likes of Matt Corby, Lorde, Sedgyfergo and 360. 360, who also acts as the duo’s mentor gave a credit to Lane Harry in an interview last year “Lane-Harry, he is doing shit differently. There is a lot of talent there.”

“Hentai is my favourite song on the album. Kanye West talks about his song ‘Heard Em Say’ and how it was his favourite song from his second album because it sounds like something A Tribe Called Quest would make. That’s how I feel about this song, this is my proudest two minutes and forty seconds.
The verses were all one take too, I just resonate with this beat and what I’m saying on this. This is my personal theme song. Aquila Young sounds amazing on the chorus of this too, she came into the studio never hearing the song or reading the lyrics and just absolutely nailed it after I directed her what to do, such a talent. The brilliant Tommy Sheehan co-produced the beat with Ike Campbell, the dudes are musical geniuses. So much happening in Hentai, great minds coming together”.

The latest single taken from Renaissance ‘Hentai’ is an explicitly themed expression. ‘Hentai’ is also lyricist Lane Harry’s favourite track on the album describing it as his proudest two minutes and forty seconds. Sonically, this new release is influenced by contemporaries Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Monophonics and Dwele and musically offers a far more delicate approach in comparison to their hard-hitting first single ‘Anarchy’. ‘Hentai’ is a preview to the diversity showcased in Renaissance.

After giving Australia the first taste of the new record, Lane Harry x Ike Campbell will be performing their Renaissance album live with two Brisbane shows at The Beetle Bar and The End.

‘Netflix’ will be available for free from May 22nd – sign up to the mailing list at to receive an advanced copy. In sticking with the theme, we caught up with Lane-Harry late last week to discuss his top ten picks currently playing on Netflix. 

10) BOOGIE NIGHTS – God I love this movie. The cast is so perfect for this, the young John C Reily was perfect for his role. It’s hilarious, sexual, emotional, luxurious. I’m a huge fan of this underrated flick. Hopefully with it now streaming on Netflix it gets the popularity it deserves.

9) THE TOWN – If you invite a girl over to watch Netflix I highly recommend watching The Town. Probably the greatest unisex movie ever, theres the romance and girly stuff mixed in with bank robberies and shootouts.

8) SCARFACE – Tony Montana. Good God this movie is so badass. Miami Beach in the 80s, guns, drugs, gangsters, beautiful women & that fucking Amy Holland song “Shes On Fire”. Need I say more?

7) LOUIE – I think Louis CK is the greatest stand up comedian of all time, he has some of his stand up specials on Netflix too so get onto those but theres something about this show that is so deep. Its so hilarious and so sad at the same time, so much realness. You definitely need to be in the right mood for this show.

6) THE WOLF OF WALL STREET – Martin Scorsese movies are so hard to rank. I really could have given this spot to any of his feature length films (I watched his short film ‘The Big Shave’ yesterday, maybe leave that one on the shelf). If you’re unfamiliar with the works of Scorsese start with this and work your way back to Taxi Driver and fully understand why this guy is such a legend. He’s directing the Mike Tyson biopic too, that will be ridiculously good.

5) PULP FICTION – Going to have to say this is my favourite Quentin Tarantino movie on Netflix. Ike has never seen this movie before, surely that is a crime. 

4) FIGHT CLUB – Probably the best movie of all time in my opinion. If you’ve never seen Fight Club search it up on Netflix right now to see Edward Norton & Brad Pitt be the Lane Harry & Ike Campbell of film. David Fincher directed this too, if you’re unfamiliar with his work go watch every single one of his movies, he is a visionary.

3) TRUE DETECTIVE – Tommy Sheehan got me onto this show. Theres only one season out right now but its so hectic. Try and get through the entire first season before the second one comes out in a couple of months. The way this story is told is so fucking great, a smooth yet intense watch.

2) THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW – This show is hilarious. I’m amazed by how few people know about this, I do warn you that its very addictive and near impossible to stop watching once Netflix has loaded it up. Karl Pilkington’s pearls of wisdom can lighten up any bad day you’re having, just world class comedy.

1) ENTOURAGE – Everybody has already binge watched Breaking Bad so I’m going to suggest Entourage for people looking for a show to lay in bed or on a couch and watch countless hours of. Theres 8 seasons of this brilliant show and I managed to binge it in two weeks. It has everything you need in a show; an amazing cast, a well developed story, endless celebrity cameos, endless product placement, a fucking incredible soundtrack plus the movie comes out really soon so I would suggest binging the fuck out of this before Entourage the Movie comes out in June or July.

Netflix is the first single from their upcoming project Y O U T H.

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