El’ Jistos and Illumes Try Explain That To A Four Year Old

El Jistos Bursts Onto the Hip Hop Scene with First Single ‘In a Can’ and Vinyl Exclusive Release Of Album ‘Try Explain That to A Four Year Old’

Blue Mountains native Julz Larsen aka El’ Jistos has teamed up with producer Illumes, and is releasing his debut album ‘Try Explain That to A Four Year Old’’ this October 24th, with the first single ‘In A Can’ and accompanying music video dropping today.


Previously of the prolific ‘A Blank Canvas’ crew, who supported the likes of Thundamentals, Hermitude and Urthboy. El’ Jistos has now forged a solo path, releasing his debut album ‘Try Explain That to A Four Year Old’ in collaboration with Illumes. Their musical link brings forth a fierce, fresh and unconventional release – El’ Jistos brings the sure fire lyrics filled with grit and working class ruggedness, and Illumes provides production that is buzzing full of electricity and energy.

El’ Jistos describes his first contribution to the local Hip Hop scene as, ‘servicing the underground’, and the first single and taste of the album ‘In A Can’ as a ‘pulsating and honest introduction into El’ Jistos the MC’. A track that you can wind your windows down to as the winter comes to a close.

The accompanying music video is a humorous stab at the extremely braggadocio and over-the-top scenes very common and almost expected in hip hop videos. We see El’ Jistos with his baby daughter, in a parodied version of bravado that goes against tradition.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Underwood Studios through a warm and ripe analogue console. The soundscape is reminiscent of a classic French ye!ye! pop album (made popular by Serge Gainsbourg), with vocal inspiration drawn from traditional ‘low res’ blues recordings.

This fresh debut by El’ Jistos and Illumes sees a brave new direction in Aussie Hip Hop – El’ Jistos crosses boundaries in subject matter, and the accompanying video incorporates traditional elements of hip hop mixed with images not usually seen in this world, such as babies, fatherhood, family responsibility, and humility.

There are big things to come for El’ Jistos, who will be launching the album ‘Try Explain That to A Four Year Old’ on October 24th in the Blue Mountains amongst a line up of artists chosen from the next generation of the local Blue Mountains hip hop scene.

The vinyl pre-release of ‘Try Explain That to A Four Year Old’ is available from today exclusively at the following retailers.

Vinyl available exclusively at:
The Record Store and 567 King
Northside Records and Wax Museum Records
Clinic 116
Safari’s Record Shack and Mills Records
Rocking Horse Records

The digital pre-order will be available on iTunes today, with release on October 24th.