Dyl Thomas A Tribute to Pete Rock Beat Tape

Here we have a brand new project from Melbourne artist Dyl Thomas (Formally known as Urban Monk). Known for his work with Milwaukee Banks, Pang Productions and also Wax Museum, this talented beat maker/producer and vocalist spent a month submerged in Pete Rock records.


What emerged on the other end was the beginnings of an amazing beat tape. It wasn’t long before Wax Museum had caught a sample of the tape and wanted to press it to a limited edition 12” vinyl. How could he say no? Check out what Dyl had to say about his brand new release below:

It wasn’t meant to be anything really – I’m a Pete Rock fan and wanted to show my respect to an amazing forefather – So I submerged myself in his music for a month then came out the other end and created some beats made on nothing more than an MPC 2000xl and records (that’s not my usual process). It’s a throwback concept beat tape really. Originally meant to be a free throwaway bandcamp release, but the good people at Wax Museum Records heard it and wanted to press it to wax. My homie Steve Wood did some artwork and BAM! Raw loops and drums. Enjoy”. Dyl Thomas

More information on the vinyl, coming soon.

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