Milwaukee Banks new album No Time out today!

Following the release of the impeccably produced ‘Coming For You’ and the collaborative follow up ‘No Time To Waste feat. Rromarin’, Milwaukee Banks are thrilled to be releasing their new album No Time, out today via Dot Dash / Remote Control. Of the album, Dyl Thomas offers: “It’s a record about perception. Time is … Continue reading Milwaukee Banks new album No Time out today!

Raury Australian Tour

Introducing Raury, the 18 year old from Atlanta, USA, is currently one of the most hyped and highly tipped artists in music. Raury exploded onto the scene earlier this year when he released the self written, self produced video for ‘God’s Whisper’. Refusing to be pigeonholed the singer/songwriter/rapper/guitarist/producer moves between all sides of the musical spectrum citing everyone from Bon Iver to Andre 3000 as influences. As a self-proclaimed “Indigo Child” Raury considers himself a member of a generation of adolescents, all products of the internet age, who quickly gain an understanding of life’s challenges and opportunities due to their … Continue reading Raury Australian Tour

Check Staunch Nation’s New Video Mainies

Ray Chanel, MCGC, J-Willy, J Palm, T-Billz and J Saavy are back. Back in the HSV and back on the streets, tipping in Rio Bravo’s and yelling shit from the window. As we mentioned last month, Staunch Nation are a bunch of Sydney fellows “rapping at half the speed and double the stoned”. Imagine 36 Chambers, only directed towards dreadlocked guys in hi-vis from Penrith.  Mainies a new track from their upcoming mix-tape Finesse, includes Melbourne’s HTML Flowers on chorus and has Ray Chanel and MCGC dropping some western Sydney street knowledge. Meanwhile the film clip, produced by Staunch Nation associates … Continue reading Check Staunch Nation’s New Video Mainies

Who the fuck is Baro?

You may have heard his name of late, he has just been announced as support for Allday’s National Startup Cult Tour, and is also performing on the UV Boi Thank U single tour. Baro is also appearing at the noisey Vice party, with Milwaukee Banks, Moonbase Commander and more. That all goes down early August. You can RSVP for that event here. Baro recently released a mixtape titled HOWGOODISGOOD?, which was put together mostly in his bedroom. The release is mixed & mastered by Ancentric and features production from Ancentric, The Cancel, Oiigi, Jublet & ESESE. It also features emcees … Continue reading Who the fuck is Baro?