Skryptcha ‘What We Do It For’ Official Film Clip

Sydney MC ‘Skryptcha’ delivers his first video in three years with his latest single ‘What We Do It For’. The first single off his soon to be released new album; ‘What We Do It For’ features the soulful vocals of Sydney singer Daniel Mifsud and is produced by Melbourne beatsmith Cam Bluff (Bliss N Eso, Illy, Hilltop Hoods). The clip takes us on a journey to connect with the things that the Sydney MC pursues his craft for.


We get a taste of where he began writing music, get a look inside the studio where he records and even take a flashback to what a young Skryptcha might have looked like flexing his skills in his hometown. The clip also features stunning shots of the rapper’s hometown of Sydney, with cinematic scenes captured along Sydney Harbour.

Produced by long-time film collaborator Rick Pearce and Director Mark Grentell (Crow Crow Productions), the clip is held to the same high standards Skryptcha has become known for with his videos (‘Get Mine’ & ‘Dance’). Much of the film clip was shot ‘off-speed’, meaning that it was performed at twice the speed of the track before being slowed down in post. It was also shot with a DJI Ronin stabilisation rig, which gave the crew maneuverability to capture the best shots possible.

The video for ‘What We Do It For’ is set to kick off a run for Skryptcha who plans to release a second single shortly, followed by the release of his third album titled ‘Bright Blues’ (Early 2016).