L-Fresh The Lion Releases New Video For ‘1 In 100,000’

L-Fresh The Lion Brings Fierce Strength, Bright Colour And Inspiring Culture To Let His Inner Voice Roar

The video for L-Fresh The Lion’s massive second single ‘1 in 100,000’, tackles depression and darkness with a stirring tale of a young Sikh warrior and her battle with those inner challenges.


Wielding a sword she learns to become the best version of herself and overcome self-doubt.Sydney based martial arts group, AKAAL Fauj and lead actor Sukhdeep Kaur, take the song’s meaning to a new level, contesting a fast-moving dementor-like character with mystical power.

Director Alex Weltlinger (360’s ‘Boys Like You) juxtaposes the peril looming in the shadows with beautifully rich landscapes of Sydney and coastal NSW, a truly unique and powerful visual interpretation of the song’s call to battle.Gearing up for a huge 2016, L-Fresh has gone from strength-to-strength with the release of first single ‘Get Mine’ featuring Parvyn and the album track ‘Hold Up featuring Remi.

The murmurs are growing louder in anticipation of his imminent sophomore album, and with ‘1 in 100,000’, the audience is given a clue to the depth and diversity within.

L-Fresh explains “The song and the video highlight a journey of becoming. It’s about facing the darkest parts of yourself, coming to terms with them, and then realising your strength and capacity to do great things. It’s the journey we all experience in life.

We go through challenges, life tests us in many ways, and we take on those challenges in the process of realising our dreams, so we can become who we’ve always wanted to be.”L-Fresh The Lion will be on tour with Urthboy this coming May/June all around the country and tickets are available now. ‘1 in 100,000’ is out now through Elefant Traks / Inertia