Bethesda and ACMI to hold exclusive Q&A event with Marty Stratton in Melbourne!

Bethesda and ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, are pleased to announce a very special DOOM Q&A event featuring Marty Stratton, Executive Producer at id Software, on the 28th May.

ACMI are offering audiences the chance to explore the game’s development and the challenges around maintaining the legacy of DOOM, in addition to Marty’s career highlights and tips for breaking into the industry. There will also be a discussion around AAA development in the modern age. You can find more information about the event and reserve your free seat via the following link:

At ACMI you can also view an 8ft chainsaw sculpture of the Revenant, one of DOOM’s most iconic demons, which is now on exhibition. The amazing journey of this piece, which took almost 150 hours to create, can be viewed above.