REMi Relases New Single ‘Lose Sleep’ feat. Jordan Rakei

Melbourne hip-hop artist Remi and musical collaborator, Sensible J (collectively known as REMI) get ready to share their highly anticipated full-length album, ‘Divas and Demons’.


Out on REMI’s imprint, House of Beige on September 16, the sixteen-track sophomore LP features the widely loved, triple j high-rotation ‘singles ‘For Good’ featuring Sampa the Great, ‘Substance Therapy’, and the most recent single ‘Lose Sleep’ ft. Jordan Rakei.

A hip-hop and soul release at its core, ‘Divas and Demons’ explores REMI’s personal experiences from the state of race issues, to the personal demons of relationship breakdowns, depression and the ongoing challenges faced as an artist. Incorporating an array of live instrumentation, found-sounds and soulful electronics – the production terrain of the record shifts towards diverse musical exploration, anchored within head-nodding, soul shaking beats.

“Since our last record, a lot of young mixed race Aussie kids have come to me talking about how much they can relate to the racial struggle in our music. I don’t think that’s a good thing, but I’m proud that these kids feel a little less alone, because of some songs we didn’t think anyone would hear. It also became inspiration for me to continue opening up about my experience. Often you can feel like one crazy beige kid in a sea of ignorance shouting about equality. These kids helped change that for me.

The most beautiful thing about a lot of musicians I know is how much the social climate effects them. Jordan Rakei is one of those musicians. Even though we were literally continents apart when he worked on this joint, with very little background on the song, Jordan was able too match the tone and message immediately. Partially because his voice sounds like liquid gold, but mostly because I know he gets it. It’s very apparent across his discography (if you haven’t heard it, get it) that he cares for our planet and the people in it. Thanks for being one of the good guys my brother.” – Remi

An LP of inimitable storytelling and unique production, Divas and Demons features some of Australia’s brightest hip-hop and soul artists. Simon Mavin (Hiatus Kaiyote), Sampa Tembo (Sampa the Great), Jordan Rakei, Baro, Silent Jay, Tom Scott (Average Rap Band), Lorry (Hiatus Kaiyote), Nui Moon and Cazeaux O.S.L.O. (Man Made Mountain) all lend their talents to various moments throughout the record.

Out September 16 on House of Beige Records, ‘Divas and Demons’ proves again REMI’s raw brand of storytelling and deft production is set to entertain the world’s stage and over.

‘Divas and Demons’ Tracklist
1. D.A.D
2. Forsaken Man
3. For Good (feat. Sampa the Great) // F.U.B.U.
4. Uh Uh I’m Gone
5. Contact Hi/High/I (feat. Silent Jay)
6. Lose Sleep (feat. Jordan Rakei)
7. Young and Free
8. Outsiders
9. Substance Therapy
10. Say Say (feat. Jels)
11. Laaa La La Lost (feat. Syreneyiscreamy)
12. Hate You (feat. Baro)
13. Too Much
14. Move On (feat. Lorry)
15. 365 (feat. Tom Scott)
16. Purple Haze for the Ether (feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O.)