Ziggy releases brand new single and music video

Hip hop artist ‘Ziggy’ has officially released his brand new single and music video, Black Face

Following Ziggy’s recognisable trend of social consciousness through music, this single is sure to be a massive conversation starter especially with the extremely powerful video.


Black Face embodies striking lyrics about issues that are clearly meaningful to the artist and this is heard through hard-hitting bars and flowing rap vocals. The beauty in Ziggy’s music – and especially showcased in this latest release – is the ability to convey relevant messages whilst appealing to the most well versed of hip hop lovers in the instrumental arrangements.

Officially launching the single today, Ziggy has organized an incredible debut at The Good Shepherd with a stellar line up joining him. Included in this spectacle of a night is DJ Beryl Steep of Perth’s San Cisco, Marksman Lloyd, Phocal and JCAL.

Ziggy credits his amazing production to the extremely talented JCAL, who has exclusively produced his upcoming album in 2017. Ziggy wants to emphasise that although this single discusses the Blackface incident with a primary school student and Nic Naitanui, he in no way wants this to be an attack on the child.

“This single is more about the fact that we as a country still accept racism as just a joke,” He said.

“The historical context of Blackface in Australia needs to be talked about, and it’s something that isn’t funny. We shouldn’t always be the butt of the joke.”

“I am only talking about my own personal experience; I want people to come to their own understanding about these issues. I am just a catalyst for conversation.” He said. Purchase tickets at the door, this Thursday at The Good Shepherd for the launch. You can also hear Ziggy at TedX UWA on Saturday November 26.

Join the conversation: @ziggyfatnowna #blackthoughts Facebook: @ziggymusicaus

Director/Editor/ Co Producer: Jacqueline Pelczar
Cinematographer: Brandon Lee Weston 
Producer: Elaine Smith
Black Face released by Ramo Records and available here:
Triple J unearthed – http://bit.ly/2f8IQRj
Artwork done by Kamsani Bin Salleh