Smizzy ‘We Swear’ feat. Marcus Azon

After a short hiatus Smizzy (formerly Smiles from “Mind Over Matter”) has returned with his new single ‘We Swear’ from forthcoming album ‘The Cover’ due for release in late 2016.


We Swear, written by Smizzy and co-produced by Tim Carr (Matt Corby) Paul Conrad (Jon Depth), and Mind Over Matter compadre DJ Ntaprize, exposes the everyday blemishes of Western culture which Smizzy, himself, is not excused from.

The intensity and passion of Smizzy’s delivery has the listener hanging on his every word while soulful additional vocals from Marcus Azon (Jinja Safari) let the audience breathe and absorb the confronting concepts explored in an exquisite dance of tension and release.

When questioned on his inspirations for writing Smizzy states, “knowing is not doing. We shovel fast food and cigarettes down our throats every week knowing that we’re making cute eyes with cancer or a heart attack and we swear that we love it. We are ignorantly intelligent.”

The gritty and digital production provides the perfect canvas reinforcing the songs concept, which is ironically met with a summery vibe synth line in the song’s chorus.

Smizzy’s content has evolved over time, from a catalogue of obvious drinking and party jams to exploring the darker and more intricate themes that this life has to offer. ‘The Cover’ promises to display the reason that some of this country’s greats place Smizzy at the top of their list.