Smizzy ‘We Swear’ feat. Marcus Azon

After a short hiatus Smizzy (formerly Smiles from “Mind Over Matter”) has returned with his new single ‘We Swear’ from forthcoming album ‘The Cover’ due for release in late 2016. We Swear, written by Smizzy and co-produced by Tim Carr (Matt Corby) Paul Conrad (Jon Depth), and Mind Over Matter compadre DJ Ntaprize, exposes the everyday blemishes of Western culture which Smizzy, himself, is not excused from. The intensity and passion of Smizzy’s delivery has the listener hanging on his every word while soulful additional vocals from Marcus Azon (Jinja Safari) let the audience breathe and absorb the confronting concepts explored … Continue reading Smizzy ‘We Swear’ feat. Marcus Azon

Kaye – Isolated Tracks

Meet Kaye a.k.a Mr. Never Did Right; An all-round hip-hop junkie, expressing extraordinary talent via many artistic platforms. Hailing from The East Coast of Australia, Kaye has lived Hip Hop for over a decade, with ventures ranging from professional graffiti murals, video production and running a home studio used by himself and other locals. His strength as a formidable emcee is undeniable, featuring on various Sub Conscious Records releases and consistently playing packed shows along the East Coast of Australia, with acts such as Thundamentals, Kerser, The Tongue and Hyjak. Kaye’s high energy performances with DJ Ntaprize, are backed up … Continue reading Kaye – Isolated Tracks

Chance Waters signs worldwide publishing deal with Universal

I Forget, Sorry!’s favourite loud shirted comic book nerd has just signed a worldwide publishing deal with Universal, which nobody could have expected, including him.  To celebrate 12 months which included his first top 100 single, top 50 album, Like A Version, 2 entries in The Hottest 100, Unearthed J Award nomination, #7 in the RAGE! top 50, a record deal with Permanent/Shock and now a worldwide publishing deal with Universal (deep breath) Chance is going to hit the road on the Infinity Album Tour with fellow I Forget, Sorry! members Mind Over Matter (who, by the way, just had their new single … Continue reading Chance Waters signs worldwide publishing deal with Universal

SYN Approved Presents: Mind Over Matter & Psyde Projects

Local Hip Hop heavyweights Mind Over Matter (aka M.O.M.) are coming to Melbourne to play SYN Approved at The Worker’s Club on Thursday, July 14th.  The boys have definitely earned their seal of approval from the hip hop scene, staying productive with a healthy list of releases, support roles and collaborative works since 2006.  After their massive album launch earlier this year in March, Psyde Projects are back yet again with their new video clip of The Breaks, a tune full of boombap flavour. Their clip is a homage to the classic 90s style hip hop videos. Meanwhile, their single … Continue reading SYN Approved Presents: Mind Over Matter & Psyde Projects