Kaye – Isolated Tracks

Meet Kaye a.k.a Mr. Never Did Right; An all-round hip-hop junkie, expressing extraordinary talent via many artistic platforms. Hailing from The East Coast of Australia, Kaye has lived Hip Hop for over a decade, with ventures ranging from professional graffiti murals, video production and running a home studio used by himself and other locals.

kaye isolated tracks

His strength as a formidable emcee is undeniable, featuring on various Sub Conscious Records releases and consistently playing packed shows along the East Coast of Australia, with acts such as Thundamentals, Kerser, The Tongue and Hyjak. Kaye’s high energy performances with DJ Ntaprize, are backed up by frequently releasing exclusive tracks on the Internet, including numerous, outlandish videos on youtube, steadily establishing a strong, eager-to-listen following. 

Kaye’s in-depth, breath-of-fresh-air lyrics speak for his listeners steering far away from the mainstream Hip Hop many have come to be familiar with these days. Kaye has just released his latest project, a name your price download featuring a collection of rare recordings, outtakes and b-sides from the vaults. Re-mixed, re-recorded and re-mastered to create Isolated Tracks.

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