Sennheiser x Dior Homme – The most sensual combination

Sennheiser – a passion for enthralling sound and innovation

Innovation has been a major driver ever since our company was founded in 1945. After all, innovations shape the future most. Thus, Sennheiser quickly became synonymous for groundbreaking audio components for the discerning audio connoisseur. Advanced craftsmanship and a deeper understanding of the soul of sound proved to be a magic combination in conceiving and manufacturing fascinating products like the HE 1 – the best sound reproduction system in the world. Enjoying music with Sennheiser takes you to another sphere – where you can already sense the future of audio.

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Dior Homme – unique savoir-faire, unique style

Long before disruption became a common word, Christian Dior definitely disrupted the world of fashion with his spectacular collection in 1947, which became famous as the “New Look.” His vision is alive and thriving in the uncompromising boldness and inventiveness for which the house of Dior has become renowned. So, when it comes to sophistication in material, design, and finish – Dior is the name to look for. Dressing the future in a unique, immaculately crafted style that is always unexpected – and much awaited.

Sennheiser x Dior Homme – the ideal match

Seeing as how sound has always influenced fashion and headphones have become an element of personal style, pairing French Couture and German Engineering makes perfect sense, as is clearly proven by the products of the Sennheiser x Dior Homme Edition. They manifest the passion for innovation and perfection of two companies, each contributing the best of its world.

Outstanding design deserves the best material

The smell of soft, delicately grained leather, the cool touch of precision-crafted brushed metal, the shine of gold-plated connections. You can see and feel at once that the Sennheiser x Dior Homme Edition is an experience for all senses – and a long-lasting one. Carefully selected materials and audio components contribute to the high-quality permeates every little detail of this great line of products.

Home Bundle
Maximum sensuality. Even before you hear the first note, this exquisite combination of cutting-edge technology clad in modern yet timeless elegance is absolutely captivating.


The home bundle consists of the reference class Sennheiser HD 800 headphones plus specially matched HDVD headphones amplifier, the PXC 550 Wireless audiophile noise-canceling wireless travel headset, and the superb IE 800 ear-canal headphones. All done in exclusive and unique Dior Homme finish. Black, anthracite, brushed metal, with red accents.

Also designed by Dior Homme: the elegant storage furniture and the special leather pouches for the PXC 550 Wireless and the IE 800. A comprehensive experience of inspiring style and technology you will not find anywhere else.

Travel Solution


Always travel in style. Enjoy the first-class sound of the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless, whose noise-cancelling function creates an audio lounge all of your own, no matter where you are. Its finish is signature Dior Homme, with subtle red trim lines and accents. Such an outstanding headset surely deserves a special place to rest when it is not in use. So, Dior Homme crafted a Mini-Backpack made of the finest leather to protect it.

Take it with you wherever you go: the style, comfort and sound of the Dior Homme Edition, which includes the much lauded noise-cancelling Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless travel headset. Enjoy its audiophile qualities even in busy environments, and stow it safely away in the beautiful, soft Dior Homme leather clutch.

Pocket Solution


Great sound, like great style, is not a matter of size. The high-end Sennheiser IE 800 possesses the smallest extra wide-band sound transducer currently available in dynamic ear-canal phones.

With its ceramic housing and ergonomic, oval-shaped ear adaptors, the IE 800 is loaded with numerous groundbreaking innovations. Making audiophile music on-the-go a reality – in an exclusively elegant form, since it comes with an inspired Dior Homme finish and a specially designed Dior Homme pouch. You can find out more about this fantastic release here.