Shabazz Palaces announce new album ‘Quazars: Born On A Gangster Star’

Shabazz Palaces will release Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star, their spectral third album, on Friday July 14 on Sub Pop via Inertia Music. Alongside this announcement, you can now watch a lyric video for lead track “Shine A Light” featuring Thaddillac on guest vocals and directed by Cristina T. Bercovitz and Jonathan Snipes of Clipping.

The album, featuring highlights “Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac)”, “Since Caya”, and “Moon Whip Quaz (feat. Darrius)”, was produced by Knife Knights (aka Ishmael Butler and Erik Blood) and recorded and mixed by Blood at Protect and Exalt Labs: A Black Space in Seattle. Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star is the follow-up and first batch of new material since the group’s critically acclaimed LP Lese Majesty, which was released in 2014.

Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star serves as both an introduction and tells the tale of Quazarz, a sentient being from somewhere else, an observer sent here to Amurderca to chronicle and explore as a musical emissary. What he finds in our world is a cutthroat place, a landscape where someone like him could never quite feel comfortable amidst all the brutality and alternative facts and death masquerading as connectivity.

The Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces says of his extraterrestrial persona: “I, Quazarz, Born On A Gangster Star, son only of Barbara Dream Caster and Reginald The Dark Hoper – he who rides on light – dreamer of the seventh dream and kissed eternal byAwet the Sun Scented – who far from home I found my same self differents in those constellies that be Dai at my weap-side immediate and all us Water Guild affiliates who revelries in the futures passed recordings and ceremonies flexing resplendent in the Paradise Sportif armor – raising these musics a joy/cry that way into these aquadescent diamondized ethers of the Migospherehere on Drake world. Welcome To Quazarz.”

Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star
1. Since C.A.Y.A
2. When Cats Claw
3. Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)
4. Dèesse Du Sang
5. Eel Dreams (feat. Loud Eyes Lou)
6. Parallax (feat. The Palaceer Lazaro)
7. Fine Ass Hairdresser
8. The Neurochem Mixalogue
9. That’s How City Life Goes
10. Moon Whip Quäz (feat. Darrius)
11. Federalist Papers

Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star by Shabazz Palaces is out Friday July 14
on Sub Pop via Inertia Music

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