Apathy & O.C. “Live from the Iron Curtain”

The hard-hitting underground rap duo of Apathy and O.C. are coming “Live from the Iron Curtain” on their bruising new single off their highly anticipated collab LP, Perestroika.

Given that these two emcees are known for packing their bars with crazy wordplay and intricate rhyme patterns, there’s a lot to unpack on their latest track. And that’s apparent from the jump, as Ap opens “Live from the Iron Curtain” with a verse so blistering, that it deserves rewind after rewind. While somehow finding time to take a breath, he unleashes the following: “I’m the best alive/ Lines electrifyin’ like Tesla/ Survivin’ the test of time and you in line buyin’ Ke$ha/ Rob you blind with a nine, what a bind when they find you in pine with a spike through ya spine/ And I spat in the spot where they left ya.”

He then passes the mic to O.C., who utilizes Ap’s hard hitting production to talk plenty of slick sh*t of his own. In between dissing rappers who are nothing more than compost, the D.I.T.C. rapper drops gems that include: “The game’s a farce now, but I still take it serious/ Jewelz I spew, some view lines as luxurious/ the opposite of führer, when I occupy Europe.”

You’d be well within your rights to expect nothing but lyrical gems considering what we’ve heard to date from these two. And sure enough, Ap and O.C. are fully prepared to bring the heat—and then some.

“Live from the Iron Curtain” is the 2nd instant grat track available for download off the iTunes’ pre-order for, Perestroika. The 12 track LP includes features from Celph Titled, Slaine, Jus Cuz and more, and also boasts production from Moss and ILL-INFORMED. The album becomes available for stream and download, as well as all physical formats (CD, vinyl and cassette) on September 22 via Dirty Version LLC. Head over to the Demigodz online store for various pre-order options, and bundle packages.