G Elenil Announces Debut EP Kin

New Single ‘Something’ // Out Now


Fresh from Girls To The Front II and landing on runway one is the new flyer from G Elenil, titled SOMETHING. G Elenil taxi’s in on what reminds us of a Ayo or J. Gramm inspired beat. G Elenil presents an honest approach to the new single Something. Un-reserved in nature, a fine balance between good times and a lazy Sunday morning. There’s a firm streak of bravado in G’s style, but it’s held in check by her ability to cross effortlessly between flex God and chiller.

Her upcoming project, Kin will be released in 2018, and is a diary; winding through the light and dark struggles of financial stress, neglect, addiction and family. If G continues to approach her music with the same passion she displays on Something, we’re excited to see what lays in-store for this young g! 

With four independently released singles already under her belt, G’s profile continues to grow at a rapid pace. Previous track (Where) My Money was spun on triple j, with singles Gold, God Enough and Cut That Boi Off all earning praise online.