Reams to launch album ‘Snowy Roads’; new single Fade To Dust

From writing raps and recording on a macbook in his bedroom at age 14, Reams is an old soul in a new era of DIY Aussie hip-hop. With a growing catalogue of heavy-hitting and gritty tracks about drug abuse, young lives and personal addictions, Reams’ ability lies in his incredibly versatile vocals and production.

Following on from taster track and video People Reams is proud to share his new album Snowy Roads, spearheaded by current single Fade To Dust. A stringy, modern bass, boom-bap classic, salted with lyrics perfectly structured into a story describing the life and times of an addict while throwing subtle vibes to pick yourself up and get moving in life.

Born in the UK, Reams (Reece Philpott) moved to the pearly sands of Western Australia at age 10 and by 15 had found his love for Australian MC’s along with the culture. Reams began writing rhymes to pass the bad days, developing a knack for writing conjoined lyrics with melody along with subtle digs at the pretend rappers of the day.

After the tragic passing of his best friend, Reams began using negative situations and transforming them into positives, becoming a founding member of the rap trio Intrusive Thoughts (releasing an EP), however he soon set out to forge his own creative path as Reams.

“Who knows what the future holds for me. One thing’s for sure though, I’ll never stop and each album will be progress. The love I’m getting lately is insane and I’m very thankful to everyone that shows me support, I’m even thankful to those out there that may hate me and my music, they just push me harder.”

Signing to Perth’s home-grown label Chairboy Music, Reams is preparing himself for a career of doing what he was born to do and is on the brink of creating a life for himself as one of Australia’s most influential young artists.

Snowy Roads feat. Fade To Dust and People is out November 17 through Chairboy Music (Pre-order)

Snowy Roads Album Launch The Sewing Room, Perth Friday November 17
s/ Marksman Lloyd w/ Hyclass and Jamilla – Facebook event